Saturday, February 17, 2007

to veg or not to....

From Shopping in town
Today Shelly (my new partner) and I traveled all over the big town here finding the last minute things to buy before we head up to our final destination. On a search for some pop-tarts we found ourself in a tight little market full of fun things. Found Pam cooking spray and even a box of browning mix to delight your soul!! It was so fun shopping with tight ally ways full of vegetables and from a distance fabric stores. Here are some lovely chickens awaiting their final day....speaking of chickens the last few weeks I have tried to become a vegetarian. I was doing really good until I had a muffin (that was stuffed with pork) whoops....and then one of our friends made the best chicken ever. So I think the vege days might be coming to an end. Almost made it to 3 weeks. You vegetarians out have some strong resistance for sure!!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Val and Taj

Today was a spectacular day doing a bit of much needed sightseeing. I must confess in all my travels I never saw the Taj Mahal. So this Valentines day I woke up in the wee early morning and rode 3 hours to go see this Wonder!! Going to the Taj is a bit of a journey. One must be ready to be bombarded by entrepreneurs of sorts. Monkey handlers beg you to take a picture of their dear little monkey and take a picture for a small price, trinkets and jewelry of sorts are available from your car window, and everyone wants to give you a ride from the parking lot to the Taj entrance. Admidst the continuous "No, I don't want any" comments we said we enjoyed ourselves completley. Kinda fun being a tourist for a day!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Journey Begins

Admist many of you encouraging me to blog...I start on this new adventure. I kinda feel like I have gotten a new puppy and am unsure if I can commit fully. But alas....I promise to try!!

South so good. Comfortable and normal in a weird way. As though I found myself in my old neighborhood!! Maybe I'm "honeymooning" my time here but I still choose to enjoy it as long as I can!!! :) More to come...